Iowa Against The Republican Party

Posted in Tshirts on Dec 28, 2011

In this election cycle, Iowa is all about the Republican Party. Barack Obama has got the Democratic Party nomination all sewn up. Liberal presidential candidate Jill Stein doesn’t have caucuses in her political party. The Justice Party is too new for its presidential candidate, Rocky Anderson, to face any challengers.

anti-republican iowa tshirtSo, the Iowa caucuses are focusing on the Republican Party in 2012.

What if you’re not Republican, but live in Iowa, then? What can you do?

You can wear this Iowa Against the Republican Party tshirt, for starters. Put this shirt on to show that, for all the fuss about the choice of Mitt Romney versus Newt Gingrich versus Ron Paul, there are a huge number of Iowans who think that voting for any Republican presidential candidate is a huge mistake.

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  1. If you’re bitten by a Ron Paul supporter if you don’t become one, you do become a carrier.

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