Mitt Romney Breaks Promise On Defense Authorization Act

Posted in Political Buttons on Dec 20, 2011

Eight days ago in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney was asked by a voter to comment on the indefinite detention provision in the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA grants the federal government the power to grab American citizens and throw them into prison for as long as it wants, without putting the citizens on trial or even charging them with a crime. A mere unsubstantiated accusation is all it will take under this bill for an American to be locked up.

The legislation was passed by both houses of Congress last week and is unopposed by President Barack Obama and so will become law. In spite of its dramatic nature, Mitt Romney didn’t seem to know what the legislation was at all. When asked about the National Defense Authorization Act, Romney stammered and delayed, saying, “Let me look at the particular authorization, ah, and, and, and I’ll make sure on our website we’ll describe our reaction to that particular amendment. I can tell you this, which is that there is an effort on the part of violent, radical jihadis to destroy America.”

anti-romney campaign buttonThe voter offered plenty of information for Mitt Romney and his aides to use to find out about the National Defense Authorization Act. The voter described “an amendment to a defense authorization bill last week that would allow the detention of Americans arrested in the United States and to allow the military to hold them indefinitely without charging them or trying them”.

That’s pretty clear. Yet, over a week later, Mitt Romney has taken no action to keep his promise. The Romney campaign has not made a single statement about the National Defense Authorization Act, and its extraordinary, unconstitutional imprisonment powers.

If I were a voter in New Hampshire, I’d take a look at Mitt Romney’s promise to a New Hampshire resident, and then I’d consider the way that Romney broke that promise, and then… there’s no way in hell I’d cast a ballot for Romney.

I love freedom. That’s why I can’t vote for Mitt Romney

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  1. jennifer says:

    plastic, toxic romney is not the answer – ron paul is the only one talking freedom, peace and civil rights restored –
    when here in america you have an arrest EVERY minute just over God’s green Herb and innocent Hemp TREE, America’s #1 cash crop – you’ve already led into captivity a third of our people – FREE the PEOPLE ! jails, prisons, home invasions are Not the answers!
    We have repeatedly begged and petitioned to be free from this unmerciful, deceitful tyranny to NO avail for how long?? – when you allow this horrible misjustice over a natural textile, fuel, medicine and deny God’s powers to succor and heal the earth, its given rise to the most evil, corrupt, fear & warmongering systems that THINK they rule the earth today – destroyers, be damned!

  2. How can you identify a Ron Paul supporter? Look for his name written on the elastic band.

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