Liberals Should Support Democrat Darcy Richardson for President, Not Obama

Posted in Tshirts on Jan 13, 2012

American liberals, ask yourself this question: What has Barack Obama done for you lately?

Obama has helped Republicans arrange for huge budget cuts to education, to Medicare, and to American infrastructure. He’s extended George W. Bush’s tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. He’s done this while expanding military spending to record breaking levels.

progressive democrat darcy richardson 2012Barack Obama has refused to support marriage equality for same sex couples. He’s actually sent lawyers to court to argue that homosexuality is like bestiality – an argument we thought was better suited to Rick Santorum.

Barack Obama has expanded the unconstitutional White House Office Of Faith Based Initiatives. He’s extended the Patriot Act without reforms. He has refused to reform the FISA Amendments Act, as he promised he would.

When the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, unleashing the biggest oil spill in American history, Barack Obama did not respond with a moratorium on new offshore drilling. Instead, Obama expanded oil drilling both offshore and onshore.

Barack Obama’s record in the White House is unacceptable to progressive Democrats.

Luckily, progressive Democrats have an alternative. Darcy Richardson is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2012 – and he’s on the ballot.

Give Darcy Richardson your vote, and wear this Darcy Richardson for President campaign tshirt to show your support. The shirt is made in America, not in a nasty overseas sweatshop.

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  1. John says:

    Nice job on the Darcy Richardson t-shirt. I am running Darcy’s campaign in PA, and we are getting the word out, keep up the stumping it is greatly appreciated .

  2. Hooker says:

    To order the Darcy Richardson tshirts, just click on the graphic below, or go directly to:

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