Vote Mitt Zombie For Lord Of The Underworld

Posted in Keychains on Jan 10, 2012

Yes, it looks like Mitt Romney is probably going to win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination contest, but let’s be honest – it wasn’t really a very vigorous contest, was it? The Republican presidential candidates competed with each other to see who could be the most insane, the most pathetic, the furthest outside of America’s boundaries of reasonable behavior.

So, Mitt Romney won that competition, huh? Well, that only means that Mitt Romney was chosen as the most outrageous of the whole bunch. That’s no distinction to be proud of.

anti-romney keychainRomney’s particular problem is that he’s still following a political agenda that was dying 50 years ago, a narrow vision of American values that was dead and buried long ago. Mitt Romney has dug that 20th century politics up out of its grave, and is trying to convince everyone it’s still alive and breathing. It’s disgusting to watch. Mitt Romney is the political undead of the 2012 election.

This political keychain perfectly captures the idea of Mitt Romney’s moaning, shuffling, tired old routine. It recasts Mitt Romney as Mitt Zombie, campaigning for Lord of the Underworld instead of for President of the United States.

I can picture Romney now, giving a speech to his fellow Republican zombies, promising “Brains in every pot!”

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