Jill Stein Gaining Disenchanted Rocky Anderson Supporters

Posted in Political Buttons on Mar 17, 2012

A few months ago, it seemed that Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein might divide between them the 2012 votes of liberal Americans who are angry at Barack Obama’s slide into right wing political ideology. Now, it looks like most of those votes will go to Jill Stein.

green party presidential candidate 2012Rocky Anderson’s presidential campaign promised to campaign against corporate-controlled political parties. Now, that promise is broken, as Rocky Anderson has joined Americans Elect, a political party that was set up using cash from Wall Street hedge fund managers, has taken huge contributions without disclosing the sources, and is controlled by a tiny group of wealthy, corporate-aligned political insiders.

Everything that Rocky Anderson has said about confronting the corporate elites is contradicted by this move. Americans Elect represents the 1 Percent, and is designed to shut the 99 Percent out of the political process. Rocky Anderson is now standing with the 1 Percent, allowing himself to be used by their ethically corrupt system, leaving the fledgling Justice Party to starve to death.

The Facebook page entitled Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein Campaign Together, which had been advocating for the Stein and Anderson campaigns to merge in a unity progressive ticket, is now encouraging disgruntled Rocky Anderson supporters to move to the Jill Stein for President campaign. The new title of that Facebook page is Former Rocky Anderson Fans Join Jill Stein For President.

Once trust is lost in a political candidate, it’s almost impossible for it to be re-established. Rocky Anderson has lost the trust of politically active progressives. That’s why it’s time to move to Jill Stein – a real liberal who doesn’t need to take corporate support to get on the ballot.

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  1. Calvin Leman says:

    How does being a candidate on Americans Elect connect with big money? I read how big money people set up AE. What does that have to do with the candidates on AE?

    • Hooker says:

      Good question. Here’s why it matters:

      Rocky Anderson, and the other political candidates who have glommed onto the Americans Elect Party, are doing so because Americans Elect is promising them a chance at ballot access.

      Ballot access was BOUGHT by Americans Elect. They paid professional petitioners to go around the 50 states, gaining ballot access for the Americans Elect political party. The money to pay for this came from corporate executives and Wall Street hedge fund managers.

      So, by joining with Americans Elect and seeking the help of their ballot access status, Rocky Anderson is taking a de facto campaign contribution from them. He’s showing that he thinks it’s great when corporate insiders control an entire political party, and that he’s willing to work with them.

      See the problem? Rocky Anderson promised that he would fight against corporate influence over politics, but now he’s actually helping to make it become even worse than it already is.

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